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The Law Game (The Law Game)

297 pages
(74,500 words)
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Gill McKnight; Jessie Chandler; Jove Belle


Archer Securities by Jove Belle

Laila Hollister is called in to investigate losses at Archer Securities, a multi-national conglomerate. As Laila’s investigation concludes, it looks like Trinity Washington will be caught with her hand in the corporate cookie jar. Or will Laila realize who the real criminal is before it’s too late?


Daughter of Baal by Gill McKnight

Lady Margo attends a society wedding with her chauffer, Jones. But the festivities soon turn to murder and mayhem. Is it the curse of a stolen ancient Mesopotamian artefact, or an act of revenge against the happy couple? Lady Margo plans to find out, but not without the help of the capable Jones.


Evolution of an Art Thief by Jessie Chandler

Mikala Flynn is a teen with a wounded soul. Recently enrolled at Stuyvesant High School, she blows off her peers like the wealthy blow money on artistic investments. A fascinating objet d’art and an attack that changes the world bring about the Evolution of an Art Thief.

Taschenbuch: 14,90 €

978-3-95533-736-0 (paperback)

Veröffentlichungsdatum: September 2016

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