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Reasons to Heal

Reasons to Heal by Jenn Matthews
225 pages
(75,000 words)
Jenn Matthews


When is it time to put yourself first for once?

English police constable Molly Blue is devastated when an assault forces her to endure weeks of therapy and disrupts her promising career. The cute physiotherapist getting her back on her feet is an intriguing distraction at least.

Physiotherapist Kudzi Mufaro is a bold, confident woman in every area of her life except one. She hasn’t told her Zimbabwean parents she’s gay. That probably explains the parade of men her family keeps trotting past her nose. Is it time to finally be honest?

But when Molly takes a visit home, it rocks her to the core. She is forced to decide whether to stay and look after her sister or not. It would mean giving up her career and any hope of something more with Kudzi.


A beautiful lesbian romance about wants, love, family, and duty, asking when is the right time to live our own life and dreams.

Taschenbuch: 16,90 € | E-Book: 9,99 €

978-3-96324-373-8 (paperback)
978-3-96324-374-5 (mobi); 978-3-96324-375-2 (epub); 978-3-96324-376-9 (pdf)

Veröffentlichungsdatum: Juli 2020