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Getting Back

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1970s · chosen family · family · Jewish · lesbian · marrigae equality · older lesbians · publishing · reunion · Russian Jews · second-chance romance · women's college

Cindy Rizzo


Elizabeth Morrison has ascended the ranks of her industry and now runs one of the most successful publishing companies in the US. But even after three decades, she has never been able to get past the devastating end of her relationship with the beautiful and brilliant Ruth Abramson. As Elizabeth approaches her 30th college reunion, she must face the woman who long ago acceded to the demands of her father, a famous Russian dissident, and married the young man who’d been chosen for her. It doesn’t make it any easier that Ruth, now divorced and living openly as a lesbian, is the class luncheon speaker.


As the two women face one another and attempt to reconcile their past, Elizabeth finds she must wrestle with a number of issues she has avoided confronting. And she must carefully decide whether she is more distrustful of Ruth or of herself. Is she headed for another fall with this woman? Or does she want to get close again, so she can be the one to walk away?


When it comes to reuniting with the love of your life, it’s not always easy to know the difference between getting back together and just getting back.

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Veröffentlichungsdatum: Oktober 2015

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