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A Curious Woman by Jess Lea
A Heart This Big by Cheyenne Blue
Always a Love Song by Charley Clarke
Bitter Fruit by Lois Cloarec Hart
Breaking Character by Lee Winter
Broken Faith by Lois Cloarec Hart
Code of Conduct by Cheyenne Blue
Coming Home by Lois Cloarec Hart
Conract for Love by Alison Grey
Departure from the Script by Jae
Drawing the Line by KD Williamson
Food for Love by C. Fonseca
Girl Meets Girl Collection by Cheyenne Blue
Hearts Surrender by Emma Weimann
Hearts and Flowers Border by L.T. Smith
Hooked on You by Jenn Matthews
In a Heartbeat by RJ Nolan
Irregular Heartbeat by Chris Zett
L.A. Metro by RJ Nolan
Lost for Words by Andrea Bramhall
Major Surgery by Lola Keeley
Not the Marrying Kind by Jae
One Way or Another by A.L. Brooks
Paper Love by Jae
Puppy Love by L.T. Smith
Romancing the Kicker by Catherine Lane
See Right Through Me by L.T. Smith
Still Life by L.T. Smith
The Hollywood Collection by Jae
Under a Falling Star by Jae
Walking hte Labyrinth by Lois Cloarec Hart


Hearts Surrender by Emma Weimann
Hot Line by Alison Grey
Laid Bare - Erotica Anthology
The Taste of Her - Vol 1 and 2

Mystery/Crime & Romantic Suspense

A Curious Woman by Jess Lea
Barring Complications by Blythe Rippon
Conflict of Interest by Jae
Meant to Be Me by Wendy Hudson
Payback by Charlotte Mills

Young Adult / New Adult

Daughter of Fire: Conspiracy of the Dark by Karen Frost

General Fiction

The Return by Ana Matics

Historical Fiction

Beyond the Trail by Jae
Charity by Paulette Callen
Fervent Charity by Paulette Callen
Hidden Truths by Jae
Kicker's Journey by Lois Cloarec Hart


Science Fiction

Paranormal / Supernatural

Good enough to eat by Alison Grey & Jae
Manhattan Moon by Jae
Natural Family Disasters by Jae
Second Nature by Jae
True Nature by Jae


Daughter of Fire: Conspiracy of the Dark by Karen Frost


Shadow Hand by Sacchi Green

Anthologies & Short Story Collections

Beyond the Trail by Jae
Connected Hearts - Anthology
Gingerbread Hearts - Anthology
Laid Bare - Erotica Anthology
Language of Love
Love Beneath the Christmas Tree by Jae
Natural Family Disasters by Jae
Spread the Love - Anthology Spring 2014
The Taste of Her - Vol 1 and 2
When the Clock Strikes Thirteen - Anthology Halloween 2013

Short Stories

A Treat for Halloween Tricksters by RJ Nolan
Above the Tree Line by Lois Cloarec Hart
Beyond and Begone by Lois Cloarec Hart
Erasing the Lines by KD Williamson
For the First Time by Alison Grey
Landslide by Diane Marina
Lessons in Love and Life by Jae
Nature of the Pack by Jae
Pigeon Post by Jae
Rich Girl by Joan Arling
Seduction for Beginners by Jae
The Morning After by Jae
The Sea by KL Hughes
The Wish by RJ Nolan
Two Hearts-One Mind by RJ Nolan
Yak by Lois Cloarec Hart