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Hotel Queens by Lee Winter
A Heart to Trust by A.L. Brooks
Wrong Number, Right Woman by Jae
The Love Factor by Quinn Ivins
Reasons to Heal by Jenn Matthews
All at Sea by Cheyenne Blue
Dare to Love by A.L. Brooks
A Roll in the Hay by Lola Keeley
Body of Work by Charlotte Mills
Heart Failure by Chris Zett
Changing the Script by Lee Winter
The Wrong McElroy by KL Hughes
The Roommate Arrangement by Jae
Slammed by Lola Keeley
The X Ingredient by Roslyn Sinclair
The Long Shot by A.L. Brooks
Tight Knit by Shaya Crabtree
The Words Shimmer by Jenn Matthews
The Woman at the Edge of Town by Georgette Kaplan
A Heart This Big by Cheyenne Blue
Always a Love Song by Charley Clarke
Not the Marrying Kind by Jae
A Curious Woman by Jess Lea
Girl Meets Girl Collection by Cheyenne Blue
The Hollywood Collection by Jae
Major Surgery by Lola Keeley
Hooked on You by Jenn Matthews
Romancing the Kicker by Catherine Lane
Breaking Character by Lee Winter
Drawing the Line by KD Williamson
Irregular Heartbeat by Chris Zett
One Way or Another by A.L. Brooks
Food for Love by C. Fonseca
Conract for Love by Alison Grey
Paper Love by Jae
Lost for Words by Andrea Bramhall
Code of Conduct by Cheyenne Blue
Under a Falling Star by Jae
Bitter Fruit by Lois Cloarec Hart
Still Life by L.T. Smith
Departure from the Script by Jae
Hearts Surrender by Emma Weimann
In a Heartbeat by RJ Nolan
Hearts and Flowers Border by L.T. Smith
Coming Home by Lois Cloarec Hart
Puppy Love by L.T. Smith
Broken Faith by Lois Cloarec Hart
See Right Through Me by L.T. Smith
Walking hte Labyrinth by Lois Cloarec Hart
L.A. Metro by RJ Nolan