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Lea Daley


Lea Daley has written fiction and poetry while raising children, claiming a lesbian identity, earning a BFA in painting, teaching preschoolers and college students, surviving the death of her only daughter, and heading a non-profit agency that serves low-income working families. Retired now, she writes full-time. Her debut novel, Waiting for Harper Lee, was a Golden Crown Literary Awards finalist and received a Lavender Certificate from the Alice B Readers Appreciation Committee. Her second book, Future Dyke, won a Goldie Award and was a Lambda finalist.

A hard-core liberal, Lea enjoys animated debates at the dinner table. She travels whenever possible, alternating visits to bustling cities with trips to serene ocean shores. Because baking is another passion, her freezer almost always contains homemade desserts, and she loves sharing her recipes.

Lea resides in St. Louis, Missouri. She married her long-time partner in 2014, the morning after the city began issuing licenses.

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